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Posted on 9 April 2016
Beautiful, (bargain) Bridal

Three years ago a friend asked me to help find her a cool & comfortable wedding dress for under £500, it was tough.

We ended up purchasing a dress from J.Crew and shipping it from the US, which wasn’t cheap once import tax had been forked out for.

It baffled me then why more high street retailers didn’t offer wedding dress ranges - post recession it was surely a no brainer?!

Loyal clients who live their day-to-day lives as ambassadors for these fashionably brands had to fork out huge amounts of money for a bridal dress that didn’t truly represent their personal style.

How things have changed…

Last month another friend asked me for my opinion on the wedding dress she had brought from Phase Eight for £350. It was pretty, but I knew I could find something a lot better. 

Suddenly it seems the choice of bridal dresses for under £500 (even under £350!) is overwhelming.


Here are a few of my favourites I found:


The Self Portrait phenomenon continues, I read recently that Selfridges sells a dress from their range every 6 minutes! My advice - be warned wearing a dress from their range as a guest you will likely meet someone else is in the same or very similar. If you're the Bride however you’ll be fine!

Their bridal ranged launched earlier this year and is a cool as you’d expect.

This one is a favourite of mine - perfect for a modern city bride perhaps. The simple lines of the silhouette are counter balanced with the Guipure lace top and the elegant movement of the skirt.


Guipure lace and crepe maxi dress - £325

Needle & Thread found and filled a gap in the market for affordable gowns with mega amounts of embellishment. Their bridal collection is seriously feminine and fun.

The idea of a separate top and skirt is an unusual combination for a wedding outfit but a a realistic one when nods to traditional wedding dress design details are acknowledged.


Embellished chiffon top - £200

Tulle maxi Skirt - £105

J. Crew were the pioneers of the affordable wedding dresses. I have been to a few weddings were the bride has been dressed by Jenna Lyons, these classic cuts and simple silhouettes always perfectly reflect the brides who have worn them.

Their prices however are creeping up and are more often than not made from silk (often polyester).

The ‘Brianna’ dress is the only one I could find on their website that falls under the £500 limit I’ve set, it is however one of their best. The beautiful bias cut will compliment many figures, although a specialist backless bra may have to be sourced (at a high price no doubt).


‘Brianna’ gown - £450


I often suggest brides-to-be look at further than the traditional wedding designers for their dresses. Luxury brands will often showcase white full length dresses that could work perfectly as a wedding dress, however something from Valentino could cost upwards of £3000… (if only!)

This Halson Heritage dress has the feel of a designer piece without the price tag. The cape design is a cool alternative to a traditional veil which will compliment all ages.

The front split may be a little inappropriate when you're walking down the aisle but this can easily be closed by a tailor!


Cape-back stretch crepe gown - £480


H&M launched their bridal collection this month, it sold out instantly. 

Initially priced at £250 this organic silk blend dress was unbelievably cheap for the design and detail.

1458310071 h and m lace wedding dress

I have just looked on eBay and already the dresses are being resold at a hiked up price of £600+ (still a reasonable price for something this pretty).


Lastly may I introduce you to Intropia (formally Hoss Intropia) - a brand I regularly bark on about to my clients.

Their designs are timeless, ageless and unbelievable value for the design and quality.

Here are a few of the many dresses you could wear for your wedding day


Silk sheer maxi dress - £330

I2 Embroidered beads maxi dress - £285 (this is my favourite of the dresses and one of the cheapest!)


Transparent silk maxi dress - £260


Sheered maxi dress with beads - £144.50 (was £289)


I hope I've inspired you to look further than your local bridal shop, and shown you that you can look cool at a fraction of the cost of couture on your wedding day.

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