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Posted on 13 February 2015
It's cool to be old

t's a sobering realisation when you notice a dominating trend for 2015 is the maturer woman.

Yes, the Ladies who I'm talking about may all be celebrities & mega brand muses rather than mature models (who can name a 50 year old model, I can't - worrying!) but we're starting the new year with a celebration of the 'older' woman.

What ever you think about Julia Roberts casting as the face of Givenchy (I don't think it makes any sense, a sexy Joan of Arc character?!) there is no denying she looks breathtakingly beautiful, it was bound to cause a sensation and provoke on-line hysteria. Great marketing Givenchy. (She's 47 BTW).

Madonna (ages 56) for Versace, again. How many times is this now, 4, 5? Let's be honest, she is the ultimate Versace muse I don't think this collaboration will ever look old.

Talking about Madonna she's on the front of Interview magazine for their new year issue. You'll have seen the photos, I don't need to say any more...

Ines de la Fressange has been given two covers for Parisian Vogue's new year edition. She's 57, yes 57, you won't guess.

And lastly Monica Bellucci (aged 50) has been cast as a Bond Girl. This is genius, and makes absolute sense. We know the new bond film is to be shot in Rome, no doubt the home of Bellucci's character. She has long been a Sicilian sensation in Dolce & Gabanna's seasonal campaigns, I've pulled a few of my favourite shots for previous campaigns that paint the picture of who i'm guessing she'll play in the film - a mafia Mom.

One thing is for sure none of these ladies look their age, 10, 15 years younger in fact.

Also, (Excluding Bellucci's casting) every campaign and cover shoot has been photographed by Mert & Marcus, perhaps this is the trend - them photographing them.

I hope this celebration become more sincere as the year progresses, and isn't another seasonal fad like 'fringing', wouldn't that be sad.

The photos haven't yet been released but 19 year old Kendall Kardashian has been cast to front Chanel's Spring campaign... seriously, SERIOUSLY?!?!

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