Mother's of Brides (& Grooms) - it's your turn to shine!

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Posted on 5 April 2016
Mother's of Brides (& Grooms) - it's your turn to shine!

Shopping with a Mother of the Bride is easily one of my favourite appointments, it is an excuse to splash some cash on a seriously glamorous outfit quite often very far removed from the reality of life.

It is often the first time such a large amount of money will have been spent on a singe look, and very often the first time an outfit for such an important and unique occasion has been required.


Taking this in to consideration it really isn’t a simple or easy decision to choose what you should, and can wear.


Here are a few tips for you, from me…

Think about the day from start to finish, it'll help you anticipate and plan your outfit.

A cold church? - Find a little cardigan to wear over your dress or under your jacket.

Will you need you your shoulders covered for the ceremony? - Bring a scarf that matches your outfit.

Photos on the lawn? - Wear wedges or if you've stilettos buy some heel caps so not to ruin your shoes.

Drinks reception in the Garden? - Don't forget your sunglasses, and make sure they compliment your outfit (your cycling specs will not do).

Already heard your husband's speech, expecting to shed a tear? - Make sure your bag is big enough for a box of tissues (amongst everything else).

Looking forward to letting your hair down on the dance floor? - Bring a pair of jewelled flats sandals or decorated ballet flats to dance the night away in comfort.

All these little finishes touches needn't be expensive but will help you feel polished, comfortable and complete throughout the day.


Sticking to what is expected can be ageing.

There is a typical Mother of the Bride outfit that you see time and time again at weddings:

  • Shiny fabrics in a pastel shade (preferably mauve),
  • A matching fascinator, clutch bag, corsage & court shoe,
  • A figure hugging ruched dress and a matching tailored bolero jacket.

There is nothing wrong with this, however no one younger than you will wear an outfit like this, which in turn tells a story you may not want to share: “I am old enough to be a Grandma”.

My advice here, think outside the 'Mother of the Bride box'.

Don't be afraid to mix up the outfit. 

A dress and bolero jacket is the typical choice for you, however be open minded and prepared to try on other styles and clothing combinations. 

A long sleeved silk blouse with an embellished lace skirt, or a pair of loose culottes layered with a little jacket and finished with a beautiful brooch, or if you're feeling really brave, a jumpsuit (trust me there are some beautiful designs out there!).

All of these choice are totally acceptable and will earn your serious cool kudos from fellow guests if pulled off appropriately.

Look online before leaving the house.

This will give you a good indication of what you'll find when you hit the high street. 

Calling ahead to shops is a wise idea, just because you've seen something online doesn't mean it'll be available in your little local branch, they may need to order it in from a flagship for you.

See passed the 'sizest' styling.

Almost all brands use young, leggy, bland models in their campaign or look books, this doesn't mean you have to be a size 8 or aged 8 to carry off anything they're advertising. 

If you see a dress you love but don't like the fact it is sleeveless, ask if there's an alternative, if you've found the perfect dress but it's in the wrong colour ask if they've the same or a similar design in the shade you're looking for. More often than not these pieces exist but you just need to ask, if they don't you've found something you like and you'll have to look a little harder to find something similar elsewhere.

Sticking to the shops you know will more than likely get you an outfit you already own. 

This unique occasion is worthy of an outfit that justifies the money you're about to spend on it, and the time it'll take you to find it. 

Take a day off work, travel to a city where you wouldn't usually shop and discover new brands you can't easily find on your door step, (don't forget to also book somewhere nice for lunch!).

Giving yourself a full day to try on new outfits will no doubt leave you inspired and in turn give you a fresh perspective on what suits you as well as taking you away from the retail rut you may have become stuck in.

Shopping for this outfit shouldn’t be stressful, it should be enjoyable, if you're hesitate to begin the challenge of finding it on your own I'd love to help.

Like all my bookings I will take time to speak to you in advance of the shopping trip as well as asking you to complete a thorough preparation questionnaire which allows me to learn more about you and gain a better understanding of your specific likes and dislikes, I may also speak to the Bride to learn more about the Big Day and any additional pointers that will help me guide your through the shops.


If you'd like to discuss this type of appointment further I'd love to hear from you, please get in touch via my contact page.