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Posted on 27 February 2017
More Personality, less Pearls.

Something I always talk to my clients about is body language and confidence in clothes.

You can immediately tell when someone feels uncomfortable in an outfit or style of dressing, a more appropriate and comfortable alternative will exist it just needs finding.

This is no different on the red carpet, you can have the most embellished and elegant dress but if it doesn’t compliment the character of the wearer it’ll only look awkward and wrong.

The Oscars is an odd one because of the prestige that surrounds it and the iconic looks that have dominated the red carpet for the last 98 years. The reason so many people look back in history when they discuss the best dressed is because the actress will likely have chosen her own dress or worked with the designer on the details of the dress, this honestly is evident and what is lacking from todays sponsored showcase.

What actresses seem to get wrong is attempting to recreate the ‘fairytale’ gowns that were only relevant in the 1950s, these ensembles will always look forced and the wearer seemingly out of touch with the reality of the real world (plus, it’s so boring!).

My personal favourites never echo the best dressed list in Vogue, mine instead are those that pack in personality, honesty and joy.

Here are a few of my best dressed (none from last night, I didn’t really rate any):

cate blanchett arrives at the 71st annual academy awards at the dorothy chandler pavilion in los angeles march 21 1999Cate Blanchett in Galliano for the 1999 ceremony.
I could have dedicated an entire blog to Blanchett's Oscar outfits (pre Armani sponsorship), but this one stood out. In 1999 I was at college studying fashion, I remember being so inspired by this dress, still today I think it's beautiful.
The backless trend has long passed us by but back then it was a daring design. 
nicole kidman oscars 4Nicole Kidman wearing Louis Vuitton in 2016.
Like embellishment I am so bored of the colour nude on the red carpet!
The surreal mix of iridescent pastel tones in this dress is such a brave step away from that trend but totally works.
What I also love about this is how happy Kidman looked in the dress, her hair and make up is so understated but still complimentary of this daring design.
e35df36af43d4290f4b158d05ece3984Julianne Moore in YSL by Tom Ford in 2003.
I bloody loved this collection on the runway, inspired by the silhouettes of Studio 54, it is VERY Me.
I imagine her picking the dress herself from the runway (Tom Ford is a good friend of hers) and accessorising it with items already in her wardrobe, the casual Balenciaga clutch bag is an odd choice but feels genuine.
michelle williams oscars 2006 ap xxlarge trans NvBQzQNjv4BqEf65f8GYV8FD0odE3lOPhGpDVSCPlYrd3uo9QGfx zYMichelle Williams wearing Vera Wang in 2006. 
This colour is just so amazing, it is obvious how confident and beautiful Williams feels in this dress.
We're so used to seeing dresses covered in embellishment to showoff and standout, colour like this is rarely used in the same way so when it is, it can be so much more impactful.
The red lipstick and modern silver accessories are not an obvious match with this dress but keep it feeling youthful and cool.

652b1fb2a42333641ba8103e7ed349feCameron Diaz in Emanuel Ungaro Couture in 2002.
Saving the best until last... I love EVERYTHING about this look: the dress, the shoes, the belt, the scarf worn as a belt, the hair, the bag, ALL the jewellery...
More was more in this instance and Diaz is clearly comfortable with it, and why not? She looks ace.

What do I say... Power to the Personality!