Reflective Rules learnt from last years Oscar red carpet

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Posted on 21 February 2015
Reflective Rules learnt from last years Oscar red carpet

So last years Oscar red carpet was a complete disaster, FACT.
No one got it right.
Where as I’d usually be posting my best dressed list, I found it hard to pick any outfits I thought were… kinda ok.
-Worrying when you know these celebs are paying thousands for a stylist to dress them.

So I’ve decided to list the learning curves of the try hard gents who all got something wrong. 

Kellan Lutz (no idea who this guy is) – a suit is cut to flatter and compliment your build and physique (clearly you’ve been working out and want to show off your unnaturally broad shoulders?!) it should not resemble a second skin, this only makes the suit look cheap and too small for you.
Steve Coogan – if you need the sleeves of your jacket shortening, it’s likely you’ll need the sleeves on your shirt shorted too. (Obvious, no?!)
Barkhad Abdi – you’ve a smaller petit frame, why invest in a beautiful tailor made suit but wear it with a shirt too big for you?! When the collar of a shirt is too big and hangs off your neck it detracts from everything else you’re wearing and your entire outfit looks huge on you.


I know beards are ‘in Vogue’ but Michael Fassbender and Bradley Cooper have ruined their beautiful suits buy choosing not to shave. A scraggly (ginger) beard does not compliment a perfectly tailored Tom Ford tuxedo.

Untitled 2

I love that Jared Leto was confident enough to wear the non traditional off white tuxedo blazer but learn from him that this is enough of a statement on its own.
Wearing your long ombré hair down, choosing a blood red satin bow tie and matching (naff) pochette is too much of a try hard statement.
Learn from Ryan Seacrest how it should’ve been done. -Never thought I’d say that!

Untitled 3

Jason Sudeikis will have hired a so called stylist to dress him. How this person does not know this basic rule of suit dressing is seriously worrying.
Jason, ask for your money back!

Untitled 4

Bill Murray thought his old shagged out tuxedo was a better choice than the free Armani number he would’ve have been offered.
How wrong he was, his suit looks like it has never seen the dry cleaners or a trouser press.
The suit looks as old as him (and he looks old in this photo).

Untitled 5

Three piece tuxedos are hard to pull off, three piece tuxedos in a murky shade of Merlot are impossible to pull off.
Chris Hemsworth looks like the car valet assistant, not the marvel comic heart throb he’s marketed as.

Untitled 6

No one is above the black tie dress code of the Oscars.
After (somehow) being invited to the menswear shows in Paris last year Will Smith clearly thought he knows best. HE DOESN’T, you do not wear a home made cravat to the Oscars.

Untitled 7

Showing yourself up as someone who cannot tie their own tie in front of millions of viewers is simply embarrassing.
Zac Efron should have either worn a thicker tie with that choice of shirt, or a shirt with a narrower collar to match his skinny tie.

Untitled 8

If you’re Pharrell Williams do anything you want, because you’re an utter Dude and your new album is flipping great.

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