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Posted on 20 July 2016
Who, what, when, where... Denim

For most people jeans serve as the foundations of their day to day wardrobe.

I have 2 pairs in my wardrobe that I wear almost on a daily basis: a slim cut in indigo and a matching pair in black. I repeat purchase these every time one gets too faded or worn out.

These two colours alone work with almost everything in my wardrobe and serve as the foundations of my day and night outfits.

I know my size, preferred cut, and the simple alterations needed to ensure they compliment everything I need to wear them with.

I’ve made this sound easy, which I know it isn’t. Finding a perfect pair of jeans that fits you well and compliments your wardrobe that is also within your budget it not so simple, however once you find the perfect pair it makes getting dressed each morning so much easier, and shopping a lot less daunting a task. 

As a personal shopper my aim is help my clients find these reliable pieces that serve them well, save them time getting dressed and ensure they don’t waste money on pieces that don’t work well in the wardrobe.

Here are a few tips to help you find what you’re looking for:

Denim Destinations:

A good place to start if you’re looking for jeans is designated denim destination in a department store like Selfridges.

The staff in these departments will be well trained in all the brands that are stocked and will be able to help you navigate the multitude of brands, explain the fits, help you work to your budget and assist with alternations you may need.

Mix and match:

Unlike a tee shirt, jeans don’t come simply sized small to large (if only). 

Instead you have to consider different cuts, different sizes and different leg lengths, plus to possibility of further alternations.

It may to take a while to try these all on but once you have done it’ll be worth it - be patient and persistent!

Be Open Minded to New Styles:

A favourite fit of jeans with my female clients this season was the ‘broken in boyfriend’ from J.Crew - the legs are tailored but not tight, the option to roll the cuff up is perfect for the summer and the lower  and looser waist line makes them comfortable to wear all day.

The favourite for my male clients is the ‘tapered’ cut from Paul Smith - these are cut perfectly to narrow from the thigh to the cuff giving a tailored shape whilst not making them too ‘skinny’ or uncomfortable to wear, perfecting the right leg length means they will work easily with everything from boots, trainers or sandals.

Old vs. New - don’t get too attached:

Through regular wear and washing colours can fade quickly and jeans can look old. Don’t be too precious about these pieces and know when is the right time to say goodbye.

Everyone (myself included) has a favourite pair jeans they will continually cling on to as a bench mark of the perfect fit, weight and wash. When you find this pair, make a note of the brand, size and cut so that when you need to replace your current pair you know exactly where to go and what to ask for.

Try Tailoring:

The slightest alteration can make a massive difference to the overall finish of your jeans. 

A simple £15 alteration could be easier (and cheaper) than hunting for a pair of jeans that doesn’t need any alterations.

If you are unsure about the possibilities of alterations ask for advice from a trained staff member.


If this has inspired you and you’d like me to assist you on a shopping trip please get in touch via my contact page to learn more about the packages I offer.