In early 2013, after many years working in London for some of the worlds leading fashion brands I decided the time was right to establish my own business – Henry Wilfrid.

During my time in London I developed confidence as a capable fashion retailer: I managed high-fashion flagship stores and launched new labels – such as Tom Ford – in the UK market.
My final full time post was at Reiss, as ‘Head of Personal Shopping & Men’s Made to Measure Suiting’ – a department which I founded and launched across the country in 2010.

With over 10 years experience working for a variety of brands in varying roles, I have built up a vast knowledge of the retail landscape and the ability to work alongside a multitude of individuals of all ages, professional backgrounds, men and women.
This firsthand experience cannot be taught on a short course, or be verified with a certificate from a local college. With each new client I work with, and in turn with each individual brief, I continue to hone my skills as a personal shopper with a wealth of invaluable first hand knowledge - which I pass onto my clients daily.

It is obvious when you work with me that I love my job, each day is different, each brief brings its own challenges and rewards. However, the heart of what I love to do is give my clients confidence and pride through their personal appearance.

The most important skill I have learnt over the years is listening to exactly what each of my clients wants to gain from the appointment.
Although I know the streets of London like the back of my hand and have confidence dressing all different ages and professions, each brief is unique for each client and must be treated individually.

My clients often question my stamina to shop all day, every day (it can be pretty exhausting!), the simple answer is I don’t.
My week is split in two, since 2015 I have held a permanent part-time role as a senior lecturer at Nottingham Trent University on their Fashion Communication & Promotion BA and MA courses.
The areas I specialise on this course revolve around personal brand communication, retail behaviours and trend forecasting. All of these subjects directly influence and improve my ability as a personal shopper, a lot of the research I am involved with can be passed on to my clients to improve their time with me.

A particular module I am involved in at the University is to do with the ethical concerns and the environmental impact of the fast fashion industry. This is something that is of great personal interest to me, as I feel that there is not enough public awareness brought to this topic.
As a result I donate a percentage of my monthly personal shopping earnings to ‘Labour Behind the Label’. This is a charity that campaigns to improve the working conditions, and empower workers involved in the global garment industry.
To learn more about this and other campaigns I am involved with visit my Aesthetics & Ethics page

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