Having experience working with both male and female clients I am fully able to support in the styling and dressing of a full wedding party.

So often today consideration is placed on every aspect and tiny details of a wedding, my expert eye will ensure the wedding party works as a complete package.

Outfits chosen by members of a wedding party are often items being bought for the first time. Large sums of money can be spent on one outfit, and so the pressure is on to make the right decision.

A father of the bride may never have worn a suit since his wedding, a bride’s mother is unsure if wearing a hat is any longer appropriate, the thought of spending money on dresses for a bridesmaid when you’ve been one yourself and hated the dress you’ve been given is a massive pressure, and trusting a groom to go and make the right choice on a suit that will be photographed and shown-off for years to come is also a worry!

Areas I can guide and support on:

Groom and groom’s party: Expert advice on ‘off the peg’ and made-to-measure suiting options, coordinating outfit accessories, tailoring advice, options on bespoke accessories.

Bridesmaids: Sourcing appropriate dresses and accessory options to suit and flatter all bridesmaids’ shapes, sizes, budgets, colour choices and ages. Showcase items that may not have yet arrived into stores, ensuring guests don’t arrive wearing the same dress!

Parents of the Bride and Groom: Expert advice on appropriate dressing for such a unique and important occasion. Helping to find flattering and exciting new ideas, which compliment and unify the wedding party. Advice on investing in new items such as men’s suiting that can be worn again for a different occasions after the wedding.

The Honeymoon: A once in a lifetime trip away for a honeymoon deserves some new clothes to wear while you’re away. Clients often struggle to source clothes for a hot climate when we’re in the depths of a long winter and when stores are offering heavy knitwear rather than linen shirts and dresses…!

My experience in retail management and connections with other stores allows me to pull strings and source such items out of season, ensuring you get the items you want for your trip away. I can also give you tips of packing and help to make the build-up to your special day fun and exciting!

This is not an ‘all or nothing’ package.

I can be used simply to shop with the groom party offering expert knowledge on the best suits available for your budget, or to accompany the bridesmaids on a fun afternoon finding the perfect dresses for them all.

Likewise I can be hired multiple times during the run up to a wedding each time accompanying a different person involved, ensuring a complete and unified wedding party are photographed together on your wedding day.

Please get in touch with me via my contact page with any questions and enquiries you may have.

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